Our Mission

HELP Disaster Management is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit that provides an experienced team to support the emergency management community. The team supports local, regional, state and national responses. Other focus areas include preparedness programs to lessen the effect of disasters on communities, planning projects to aid clients with comprehensive disaster management, and exercises to strengthen capabilities.

Our Vision           

The vision of HELP Disaster Management is to represent and implement the next generation of disaster management professionals, by actively believing that today’s disaster response profession is entering into the third generation (GEN3) of emergency management since its first known existence, during the Cold War era. To continue the growth of the organization, HELP leadership realized its operations must be expanded. The organization is currently regionalizing all operations into ten regions that mirror the FEMA regions.

HELP Disaster Management

 Responding to disasters with compassionate leadership by





The community and their best assets.