Services We Provide

The Core Capabilities (Services) HELP Disaster Management provide are divided into the following:

  • All Hazards Planning Support

    HELP can assist with “Blue Sky” (non-response mode) support – aiding in the function of daily emergency management tasks involving planning, training, exercises and strategic communications (including social media consultation and implementation). We can work with your organization to create specific plans. HELP can support your organization using several avenues (i.e. MOU, MOA, Letter of Intent). We are also available to assist with event planning and support for festivals, marathons, parades etc. Our team can also help your organization during these events.
  • All Hazards Training & Exercise Support

    1. Incident Command System
    2. Team Development and Sustainability
    3. Preparedness Initiatives
    4. Volunteer Management (Recruitment, Credentialing, and Sustainability)
    5. Exercise Facilitation
    6. Crisis Communications, including long-term planning support and social media monitoring
  • Incident Management Resources 

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